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If you are an established patient and can't go out due to Covid-19, please call the office for a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Weinreb.

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     Quaker Ridge Foot Care is a modern and convenient source for the treatment 

of disorders of the foot and associated structures.  Utilizing current diagnosis technologies 

and a combination of proven techniques,  most causes of foot pain can be treated and 



Located in Northern New Rochelle, Quaker Ridge Foot Care serves Westchester County and 

the Bronx.  Ample free parking is available, and the office is wheelchair accessible.  People 

of all ages and levels of activity can suffer from foot pain and discomfort; 

now at Quaker Ridge Foot Care these problems can be treated and your quality of life 






*Sport Medicine 


*Diagnosis test: Doppler


*Office and Hospital Surgery 

*Cryosurgery (for certain skin problems) 

*Consultations- Second opinions

*Orthopedic Shoes

*Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program

*Nail Fungus Laser Treatment





     Many minor emergencies involving the foot can be treated in the office.  Common foot 

emergencies include: Sprains and Strains, Fractures of the toes, Infected Ingrown 

Toenails, Foreign Bodies (needles, splinters, glass), and Lacerations.  In the event of a 

minor emergency, call the office immediately for instructions.